Saturday, August 22, 2009

What is the Bruce Web? Is it dead?

Not really.

The Bruce Web started as a personal blog, a place to play with ideas that I would later launch in the form of comments at Economist View or dKos or other places that had some things I did not. Like readers. But it got noticed here and there and ultimately got me an invite to put up some Social Security stuff at Angry Bear, which grew into a long and continuing series. The series is indexed here (see right side-bar) but hosted over there.

I still put up some pieces here, generally drafts for Angry Bear, or ones that get too long or too pedantic, but most of the action is over there and not here.

But change is a-coming. Angry Bear's current owner is thinking of going to something closer to that of Firedoglake or TPM where there is one main blog but also a number of sub-blog from which material can be pulled to the mothership or just left alone. For example at FDL is found TBogg who as a self-desribed 'somewhat popular blogger' was a daily stop for me. Well now I stop via FDL.

So if this works you can expect to see the Bruce Web as a sub-blog to Angry Bear, which will also allow me to take this blog in some new directions that don't quite fit the dimensions imposed by Angry Bear. So maybe more history, including non-economic history, maybe some more philosophy (I need to dust off those books anyway). But for now The Bruce Web is likely to be kind of a lonely outpost.