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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Social Security Migration to New Blog

Since November 2004 the primary function of this blog has been to serve as a personal resource repository for Social Security materials, but from the beginning most of my actual work was done commenting on other blogs and then after May 2008 as the main Social Security blogger on econoblog Angry Bear Meanwhile this blog has served a dual function as a personal and at times family blog. Well it is time to formalize the split.

Social Security was for me always more of a hobby than anything, but in the last two and a half years it has become central enough that I am hoping to move it to the center of my professional life, which among other things attempting to secure funding either via sponsors or advertising on my new dedicated blog called Social Security Defender. Additionally the website dailyKos is rolling out a new platform that allows the hosting of individual and group blogs within the confines of dKos and so piggy-backing on its current half a million hits a day. So over the next few months I expect to migrate most of the resource links from the Bruce Web to Social Security Defender on blogspot while mirroring some of that on a dKos Bruce Webb individual and a Social Security Defender (or related name) dKos group blog. I also expect to keep cross-posting much of the Social Security policy to Angry Bear.

The end result may or may not leave The Bruce Web an orphan. Once I disconnect it from the world of Social Security policy where veddy, veddy serious people might chance upon it, I can make it a truly personal blog. For example I have always taken an interest in my family history and carried around materials related to it, starting last week I have begun to take it from dusty paper and old photo form to shareable electronic form.

In any event any old or new Social Security friends (or foes) who have this site bookmarked or blog-rolled it is probably time to update to

Bruce Web goes in new/old direction