Wednesday, January 31, 2007

2006 Year End Balances

From the Bureau of Public Debt Dec 2006 Report

OAS Old Age Survivors:$1,845,338,897,223.25
DI Disability $203,922,695,075.07

Total: $2.0492 trillion

Low Cost projection: $2.0380 trillion
Intermediate Cost: $2.0353 trillion

The first year difference between fully funded Low Cost and an Intermediate Cost that goes to zero in 2041 is $2.7 billion. Not only did we hit Low Cost, we beat it by $11.2 billion.

The Trust Fund just isn't broke. By the numbers.


coberly said...

you can email me for my enlightenment re bend points.

i don't know if i am still able to learn much. but i have some access to the local paper and a few people who tell me they like what i write, so if i can reach a point where i understand your argument well enough to defend it i will try to tell them about it.

spocko said...

Bruce: Just wanted to tell you what a great comment you left over at Digby. I know it is a dead thread, but when I see something that is well said and insightful I like to tell the author. And if you never came back you wouldn't have heard me.
Bruce Webb | Homepage | 02.24.07 - 9:47 am
Was your comment at Digby. It had to do with punking.

Anonymous said...

bruce not sure you'll see this
but i'd never dream of patronizing you

hell you're great

so we don't agree on noam
that's a problem ???
we agree on a shit load of stuff

Anonymous said...

f it

this is pinky/paine/slink/gcs etc

Anonymous said...

Are you currently a teacher?