Monday, January 19, 2009

Even More Posts from Angry Bear: late Aug to Dec 2008

In late August I stopped numbering my Social Security posts, because it had gotten increasingly pretentious And cut them back somewhat. Which made them harder to distinguish as a block. So as a public service (?), I'll try to gather all the links here.
AUG: CBO: Updated Long-Term Projections for Social Security
Social Security 2027: A date for action?
Backwards Transfer is Back: Social Security's Unfunded Liability
SEPTUnfunded Liability Bookended
Intergenerational Equity, Unfunded Liability and Selfish Boomers
R.I.P. Social Security Crisis: "We hardly knew ya" This was the point I thought the series would go on hiatus. Who could have known that the MSM would blow up some post-election comments by Obama and get this issue right back on the table? I thought the Wall Street meltdown would put an end to all this. But clearly not.
Social Security Actuaries score the Warshawsky Plan
OCTSocial Security Checkup: Monthly Trust Fund Reports
NOVWhy Conservatives Hate Social Security
Social Security: Inter and Intra-Temporal Contingency
DECSocial Security Monthly Balances: Oct update
Is it true that foreigners finance American debt?What does this have to do with Social Security? Well nothing. But an interesting topic.
2008 Financial Report of the United States
Why does Santa hate poor kids?Nothing about Social Security here either. I rant on how we use things like Santa to teach the poor that life is just unfair, suck it up and accept the fact that rich people get a better deal from Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

I skipped some non-financial posts, but I think this includes all the relevant ones for this site.

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