Thursday, October 22, 2009

What the Bruce Web (and Bruce himself) isn't

Okay a disclaimer. I left academia 16 years ago and have not had access to a major research library since whereas for many of the twenty years before that I worked as a part-time student or full-time career employee in the Library of the University of California at Berkeley, which at the time was and probably still is the biggest research library west of the Mississippi. Moreover for most of that time my job was as a bibliographer in the Department that among other things handled inter-library lending and borrowing meaning I had potential access to just about any academic monograph or journal article in the world and the training to search it out. These days I have a public library and Google and an increasingly dated amount of wetware knowledge sloshing around between my ears. I try to be rigorous in my approach and source where I can but in the end these are daily blog posts and not researched seminar presentations and certainly not based on being current with the literature.

So I welcome criticism, even within limits ridicule, and even more so criticism and ridicule that comes with accessible links to relevant material, just understand that these posts are designed to start conversations and not settle them definitively.

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