Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Untangling the Bruce Web-A Relaunch

Like a lot of people I have been frustrated by the overlapping nature of blogging and social networking where say vitriolic comments on some political blog magically end up in your Facebook stream or your Public Google+ circle. So I am going ahead and setting up three separate web spaces to support the four Bruce Webbs: Social Security Bruce, Employee/Co-Worker/Professional Webb, Uncle/Friend Bruce, and Just Bruce Webb.

Social Security Bruce. The Bruce Web was originally a 'mostly Social Security blog'. But in 2008 most of my Social Security work moved in 2008 by invitation to econoblog Angry Bear. Supplemented in late 2011 with the introduction of DK4 Groups on Daily Kos by founding the Social Security Defenders group, which serves as an aggregator for DK Social Security diaries. Just before this I had set up a new dedicated blog Social Security Defender with the same intent. Well I have now established a dedicated Google account to back all that up including a GMail address, a Google+ site, and shared folders and Google Docs on Google Drive. All that tied to SocSec.Defender at GMail dot com. Among other things this means that some Social Security friends and colleagues will be getting invites to new Google+ circles and maybe excised from ones no longer related to Social Security.

Uncle/Friend Bruce. Well by definition this is going to be private and controlled. There is a GMail account to go with it, and all the other Google things, and friends who want to be included can just ask via any of my e-mail accounts. But since the space will contain details on family kids as well as information of interest to identity thieves, access will be limited.

Professional/Employee Bruce. Well Mr. Webb needs employment. Preferably in the East Bay (Berkeley/Oakland0 of the SF Bay Area but given incentives anywhere. And the front end of that will remain my current public e-mail bruce dot c dot webb at gmail dot com. But I am going to revive a back end consisting of my old employment blog Plan Webb. On it you will find posts and links to various versions of my resume. But you won't find any more of that explicitly at the Bruce Web.

Just Bruce Webb. Well you are at the right place. The new Bruce Web will be devoted to my non-work and non-Social Security interests. I am currently doing some genealogical work on the pioneer Arbuckles. It turns out that my distant ancestor James Arbuckle (1713-1793) oversaw a mass migration of his siblings and multiple children to America in and around the 1740s where they proceeded to marry into other pioneer/immigrant families before and after. And by the third generation there were approximately a gazillion Arbuckles descended from that James and between them represent a huge proportion of the ancestry of many to most American Arbuckles, and certainly those of Indiana. So expect some cool graphic charts soon. Also in another life I was an academic medievalist specializing in  Wales and pre-conquest Britain generally both in terms of its history, myth and literature. Additionally I did a good bit of reading in analytical and linguistic philosophy and theory, and in Ancient History. Plus I have a budding interest in leveraging iPad Apps into actual productivity and reference use and as a book reader. So expect the Bruce Web to feature posts on all of that.

But not Social Security. Or family stuff. No longer will I be risking cross-boredom by having material from one leak to the other. Anyway we will see how it goes.

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