Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"Les Pensees de Bruce": a new Project

With apologies to Pascal.

Setting the scene: A cafe somewhere in Entre-Toubz. A man, not young and yet not aged is sitting at a corner table alternately scribbling away in a journal, leisurely reading a book or newspaper, or simply sitting with a glass of wine or brandy or cup of coffee. He is almost always alone at the table and yet some people drop by for a minute or sit down for an hour. A Visitor to the cafe asks an apparent Regular:

V: Who is that?
R: Well that is Bruce, he is almost always here.
V: What is he doing?
R: Hard to say, he seems to be working on something but hard to say what it is or what it is about. But the books he reads tend to be about philosophy or history while his newspaper reading seems to be mostly political or economic. If you like you can ask him.
V: Well he seems awfully intent and kind of reserved, I wouldn't want to bother him.
R: No, no, Bruce is friendly enough and doesn't mind folk reading over his shoulder or asking questions or making comments. Which isn't to say that he suffers all Fools gladly or won't ignore you or ask you politely to go away. But if you seem intelligent and have something to say why he generally seems to have time. Whatever he is doing doesn't seem to be on deadline.

Bruce here.
I am not working on a book for publication. Though I might put bits and pieces up on other blogs or as comments. On the other hand this is not a "Dear Diary" project either. Most of it is published to the web via this blog and generally the Comments will be open. Which is to say that there is an Intended and Implicit Audience. Which may or may not include any specific Reader. So if much or all of this just seems like intellectual drivel or perhaps the typically soft-headed production of a Libtard then feel free to pass by or leave some derisive Comment. I may respond or I may not. And your Comment may survive or simply disappear. Who knows?

What I do know is that first and foremost the BruceWeb is by and for Bruce Webb and whoever cares to read what Bruce produces. If anyone. The Project begins with the next post.

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