Saturday, August 30, 2008

Relaunch of the Bruce Web

The Bruce Web started first and foremost as a place to stash links to the various Reports of the Trustees of Social Security and more particularly to the the various components of the Reports such as the List of Tables and the List of Figures. This allowed me to quickly add links to the relevant data to comments I was posting to other blogs. I also added some textual posts that allowed me to sort out my thinking. But from its inception in Nov 2004 when Bush through down the Social Security guantlet to pretty much now it wasn't really much of a blog in the usual sense. I wasn't posting regularly and didn't have comments enabled, it was really a resource for and by me.

But then came the May 2008 invite to be a front page poster on Social Security at Angry Bear, which in turn raised my profile a bit and drawing what to be polite I will call 'critics'. There is currently some dispute about comment policy at Angry Bear which led me to bring my more partisan and polemic posts back here. I still expect to be posting more objective things at AB, for example releases of various Reports from SSA or CBO. But anyone who wants to get down and dirty will need to travel over here.

Comments policy. This particular version of Blogger does not allow me to edit comments. It does allow me to delete individual comments or entire blog posts and that process is at my complete discretion. I don't intend to delete anything but pure hate speech, on the other hand if you don't like my editorial policy you can start your own free blog in like ten seconds.

I expect to be putting up a new post every few days, more often if people start leaving comments. I think I will start by essentially recapitulating the blog, that is rather than update and reorganize past posts just more or less start from scratch.

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