Friday, August 29, 2008

Rounding out the Angry Bear Series on Social Security

My last two front page Social Security Posts on Angry Bear were:
CBO: Updated Long Term Projections for Social Security
Social Security 2027: A date for Action?

Over that same span we saw Social Security posts by Jack, coberly and pgl, so clearly the topic itself is in good hands. On the other hand for a variety of reasons I became sort of a lightning rod in a way that made the comment threads on my posts unattractive for non-trollish commenters. Additionally there was some concern about the ways I felt I needed to push back on the trolls who did comment.

So basically I am declaring victory over there and bringing it back here and eventually to my new blog (supposedly) under development. I still expect to be commenting extensively at AB but maybe without the restraints that come with being a front pager.

Anyway I hope to boost the content level here. Because while the economic argument over Social Security solvency is by and large over the politics resulting from that are just beginning to unfold. Fully expect a regular opening by me of a can of FDR WhoopAss on the privatizers.

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