Saturday, October 02, 2010

Bruce is Turning the Page/Leaving the Building

Bruce has been living and working (and then not working) in Everett Washington since 1993 but his time here is running short. Starting October 15th I will be living (and looking for work) in the University District of Seattle. The U-District being a whole lot more wired internet wise than Everett and Bruce for the time being having unlimited time on his hands means taking this blog once again live.

The Bruce Web started as a Social Security policy blog in Nov. 2004 and still serves as a resource for that. But since 2008 I have been doing my SS blogging at econoblog Angry Bear with an index here (see right side-bar). I also have a job seeking blog with my resume at The PlanWebb. But for now my plan for THIS blog is to take it back to the blogging roots, just my daily or whenever notes and observations on whatever passes my fancy.

Well it is Saturday and approaching noon. Which means college football and beer! Roll On You Bears! Cal Bears that is.

More later/tomorrow/manana/whenever.

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