Saturday, October 30, 2010

Settling In

Weather has been pretty miserable even by Seattle standards but I was able to catch a brief sunbreak to take the top shot from the Montlake Bridge looking West. My new place would be just out of frame to the left (South) while the Univ of Washington campus and specifically the UW Medical Center is to the right (North). The Montlake Cut was just that, an artificial cut to join the once land-locked Lake Washington to Portage Bay and ultimately Puget Sound. It offers a near perfect location for crew racing being mostly sheltered from crosswinds.

This shot was from the Pike Street Public Market though not the actual famous fish shop where they throw fish. You don't get a good idea of scale here but the big Kings (aka Chinooks) in the lower right are easily three feet long. BTW while the first photo was from a digital camera the fish picture is from an iPhone and doesn't really do the scene justice.
Update: the Pike Street Public Market iconic Pig


Traci said...

Beautiful location!!! Love it!

I'm not a huge fish fan, but I definitely need to get Pike next time I'm in town.

Bruce Webb said...

The two fish stores in the Market are dwarfed in floor space by the vegetable, fruit and especially flower stalls. You won't see more beautiful produce anywhere and all fresh from the farm. Plus you have a lot of artisan foods: preserves, pickles whatever. Plus the lower two levels of the markets are full of cool shops ranging from the seriously touristy shlock to high end local art works. And kids love the place, the market is all ramps and stairs like a fun house with candy stores around any given corner, while for people like me you get some used book stores here and there.

Totally touristy fun while not being a tourist trap. That is local restaurant cooks shop there as well as foodies and tourists mostly buying flowers. (It being hard to take back big stalks of fresh garlic bulbs back to Germany).