Sunday, October 03, 2010

Moving Day One: the Pre-Move Goods Shift

No turning back now. This afternoon my buddy Kip and I are going to take a van load of my stuff to a new storage unit across the street from the U of Washington campus. I'll still be sleeping in Everett for the next couple of weeks but after today my center of gravity is going to be 30 miles South. Where things actually happen. Everett is a nice enough place and downtown at least is getting nicer all the time (it was pretty gritty when I moved here and not yuppie friendly even now) but even its biggest booster would admit there is nothing there to draw people on weekends. Mostly you could shoot a cannonball the whole length of Colby Ave on Sunday (the main drag) and not risk hitting a moving object.

So big changes in store for me.

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